services we offer

  • VPS Hosting

    Our low priced VPS allow you the flexibility and speed to deploy quickly

  • Web Design

    We will design your new website for Wordpress and/or E-Commerce and host it for you.  We will work closely with you to present your project or company on the web!

  • Dedicated Servers

    Dedicated servers give you more power to do what you want with more resources and no sharing!

Simple to Understand plans

One Simple Plan

No long term contracts to deal with

No cancellation fees, No initial setup fees

All plans are monthly

Easy Payment

we currently accept:

  • major credit cards ( visa, master card, american express)
  • paypal
  • bitcoin (coming soon)

Why choose us?


We offer meter free bandwidth, consume all you want, no additional charges

Free DNS

You get free DNS management for your domains with any of our plans.

Support that's Human

We try to cater to the beginner all the way to the professional web developer and we try to do it all without yelling at you